Comprehensive Dextrose Prolotherapy

If you are suffering with knee pain, lower back pain, foot pain or ligament/ sports injuries, Comprehensive Dextrose Prolotherapy may be the right treatment choice for you. Prolotherapy is a regenerative injection treatment and is performed to repair injured ligaments, tendons and joints. The repair mechanism or natural healing process consists of numerous healing factors that are arrived at the site through the blood. Ligaments and tendons have a poor blood supply and this affects the complete healing process. Prolotherapy is a wonderful alternative to surgery/ long term pain medications and anti-inflammatory injections. The prolotherapy is minimally invasive, rapid action, safe and affordable treatment method that allows returning to normal active lifestyle with faster recovery and no pain. The technique aids in rapid healing mechanism of injured ligaments, tendons and joints. Prolotherapy is an almost painless injection technique under local anesthesia where very thin needles are used to inject high concentrations of dextrose solution (sugar similar to glucose) and local anesthetic in to loose and damaged ligaments, tendon and muscle attachments around the concerned region/ joint. Dextrose Prolotherapy uses concentrated dextrose as an irritant to stimulate a mild inflammation in the affected area. Comprehensive Prolotherapy includes regular Prolotherapy to the area involved as well as at other sites around the joint and sometimes even distant in order to treat referred pain causing pain in the concerned joint/ region.

How does Dextrose Prolotherapy work?

Ligaments and tendons have a poor blood supply, but are very richly innervated with nerves that transmit pain. In Dextrose Prolotherapy procedure a high concentration of dextrose with an anesthetic is injected into the concerned area. The injected solution causes a restricted, mild irritation that at the site and initiates an inflammatory response. The body in turn recognizes the site as damaged and initiates the healing mechanism. This treatment method has the ability to strengthen the existing intact, but weakened, ligamentous and tendinous structures in and around the concerned region/ joint. The ligaments and tendons repaired appear same as the normal tissues. They are thicker and stronger as they are newly produced tissues and provide more joint stability and reduce the pain and discomfort caused by the damage. This technique raises growth factor levels at the site of injection and promotes healing and repair of local tissues, reducing or eliminating musculoskeletal pain.  Prolotherapy works by increasing the glucose concentration in the fluid outside the cells. This results in movement of fluid from inside the cells to the outside of the cells thereby shrinking the cells and causing temporary cell damage (hyperosmolar damage). As the cells are temporarily damaged, they release many biosignals to the body which results in stimulation of the immune system of the body to accelerate the inflammatory process locally resulting in increased local blood circulation, fibroblast (fibrous cell) proliferation, ligament regeneration, tightening and repair. The number of Dextrose Prolotherapy injections varies depending on the level and position of the injury and each individual’s reaction to healing. Typically a series of 3 to 6 treatments are required for significant damage. The treatments vary from weeks to months and depending on the injury.


Patient Benefits of Prolotherapy:

  • Minimally invasive treatment method
  • Almost painless injection technique using very thin needles under local anesthesia
  • Avoid if not delay Surgery
  • Significantly reduces the symptoms associated with enthesitis/ ligament & tendon damage.
  • Reduced risk of adverse events
  • Repairs and tightens ligaments improving joint stability and ease of walking
  • Safe and effective treatment method
  • Faster healing and recovery
  • Prolotherapy results in safe, significant,effective, progressive improvement of joint function and reduction of stiffness.

At Beth Yehuwdah Arthritis Centre, Pullad and Daystar Clinic, Alappuzha we tailor customized treatment plan to treat patients suffering from various musculoskeletal conditions. To know more about Dextrose Prolotherapy and treatment cost, book an appointment now.


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