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Daystar Clinic, Alappuzha and Beth Yehuwdah Arthritis Centre, Pullad, Pathanamthitta

For Orthobiologics, Regenerative and Interventional Orthopaedics

Our primary goal at Daystar Clinic is to provide you with a comprehensive, tailor-made treatment program that will either stimulate your body to heal naturally, so that you can get your mobility back or if there is significant inflammation, to identify and reduce if not completely subdue that inflammation. Long term pain, uncontrolled wear and tear of cartilage, or an old injury that refuses to heal no longer needs to stop you from how you want to live your life. We are committed to try and alleviate all types of pain related to the musculoskeletal system, degenerative joint conditions, and injuries related to sports, by stimulating the body to repair and relatively tighten its own ligaments, tendons an muscle attachments, leading to a resolution of the the underlying cause which is: joint instability. In Dextrose Prolotherapy procedure a high concentration of dextrose with an anesthetic is injected into the concerned area. The injected solution causes a restricted, mild irritation that at the site and initiates an inflammatory response. The body in turn recognizes the site as damaged and initiates the healing mechanism. This treatment method has the ability to strengthen the existing intact, but weakened, ligamentous and tendinous structures in and around the concerned region/ joint. The second type of treatment we administer is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injection, which delivers a high concentration of autologous (patient’s own) platelets to the knee, hip, spine and/ or other joints where osteoarthritis is present. Platelets present in the blood are the first responders to an injured area and helps build up new tissues. Introducing high concentration of platelets directly into the joint using PRP injection stimulates the healing process and faster recovery from the joint condition.

We also address pain due to inflammatory musculoskeletal causes, with Neural and Soft Tissue Infilteration therapy, (NESTIT) pioneered and developed by Dr Tejaz Koshy John in Guyana, South America in 2010, which is an almost painless, low dose, diluted type of steroid injection administered to multiple sites in the same sitting, which may/ may not include injections for be inflammatory arthritis, connective tissue disorder, synovitis, bursitis, enthesitis, fasciitis, trigger point pain, myofascial syndrome, fibronodular fasciitis, fibromyalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, nerve compression, radiculitis, neuritis, referred pain patterns, etc. We provide following treatment programs that may include any of the following in combination with advice on lifestyle factors that include exercise prescriptions, nutritional advice:

We have two locations: One in beautiful Alleppey- venice of the east called Daystar Arthritis Clinic and the other one in sun-kissed Pullad, Pathanamthitta, called the Beth Yehuwdah Arthritis Centre.

Our Vision: Enable people to regain mobility, live joyful pain free lives by resolving chronic pain and injury through Regenerative and Interventional Orthopaedics.

Our Mission: As given in the bible in the book of Yeshayahu (Isaiah) 35:3 “Strengthen ye the weak hands, and make firm the feeble knees”. This was the scripture given via prayer to Dr Tejaz Koshy John in the year 2000 during his medical internship when he asked the Most High directly through prayer for direction in his career and life.

Our Motto: Matityahu (Matthew) 5:16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Av (Father) which is in Shamayim (heaven).


  • Treating others as we want to be treated, irrespective of caste, creed, sex or religion or faith.
  • Integrity professional and otherwise.
  • Caring for our patients.
  • Giving time to listen to each patient and to do a reasonably detailed physical examination.
  • Providing achievable solutions for any situation presented to us.
  • Continuing medical education in the field of long standing musculoskeletal pain and the causes of missed diagnosis: which is joint instability leading to degenerative joint disease.
  • Developing safe, expedient, and effective treatments for resolution of painful conditions.
  • Excellence: We are passionate about excellence in Regenerative and Interventional Orthopaedics.
  • Our aim is to help patients get lasting relief through healing and tightening of soft tissues and not just pain management.

We aim to find the right solution that requires the minimum number of treatments for the maximum success.  We are committed to doing our best to help you find the resolution to your pain problem, all the while, treating you with the respect. If we find that you are not a good candidate for our treatments, we will inform you and do our best to make appropriate referrals/recommendations for you. Having said that, we find that most people with longstanding musculoskeletal pain are good candidates to pursue wellness using our treatment methods. Our goal is to provide you with the best service that gives you a reason to smile!

Over the course of 9 years, we have figured out which patients we can help and which ones we cannot. One of the greatest rewards in patient care is to be part of restoring a person’s hope, health and happiness,! Chronic musculoskeletal pain and nagging injuries are quite disabling and depressing to the patient, and their loved ones and may even appear hopeless. For we know better than anyone that no matter how bad it appears, no matter how many times people have said “you aren’t going to get better,” there is hope and there is another way! We believe by the grace of the Most High, that he will use us as His instruments to help restore your mobility, and  live a pain-free life full of joy.

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Dr. Tejaz Koshy John

Consultant for Orthobiologics, Regenerative & Interventional Orthopaedics

MBBS, MS Ortho (Christian Medical College, Ludhiana), Joint Replacement Fellowship (HOSMAT Hospital, Bangalore), Orthopaedic Trauma Fellowship (Hebrew University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel)

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